Prime Minister Joseph Muscat addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on Thursday, focusing on how nations working in concert and using the latest technology, could tackle the challenges facing the world. 
Such challenges, he said, included pollution from plastic and immigration, but also poverty, health issues and terrorism.
“Global problems require global solutions,” he said and nations working together made it less likely that a ‘might is right doctrine’ would prevail. 
When he spoke on migration, Dr Muscat said that the trend of nations drifting towards reactions confined to their own borders was a concern.
“Some are worryingly looking at solving global issues with local solutions which, as many of you recognise, can at best give the illusion of working for a limited period of time, and at worst lead to almost immediate implosion.”
Malta, he said, continued to abide by international commitments, and it expected others, not only States but also non-State actors involved, to also abide by international rules.
He said all European Union states needed to come together for an institutional agreement to address and manage migration.
“With a global strategy…

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