The engineering courses offered by Mcast are currently still being restructured to ensure they are “on equal footing” with those offered at the University of Malta, the Chamber of Engineers has insisted.
The chamber’s comments came in the wake of a Times of Malta report earlier this week revealing that a group of some 150 engineers, calling themselves the Warranted Engineers Action Group (WEAG), have banded together and are mulling legal action against the government’s Engineering Profession Board over warrants handed to Mcast students. 
The chamber, a non-governmental organisation, said it noted “with concern” the group’s actions, deeming these as“not being beneficial to the stance of the engineering profession in Malta”.
The WEAG have insisted that a report auditing the programmes offered at both the college and the University had yet to be made public. In light of this, they were also questioning whether the course offered at Mcast was on par with that of the University since, as of September, warrants started being issued to graduates from both institutions. 
The chamber said that it had issued a position paper following the report by the Accreditation Agency Specialised in…

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