Updated 8.26pm –
British MPs have voted by a majority of just four for the UK not to leave the European Union without a deal, a day after overwhelmingly rejecting a draft divorce agreement. 
The motion is not binding. The vote passed by 312 in favour and 308 against. 
Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29 but is now widely expected to seek an extension.
Prime Minister Theresa May has warned however: “Voting against leaving without a deal and for an extension does not solve the problems we face.”
“The EU will want to know what use we mean to make of such an extension. This House will have to answer that question,” she said, her voice half-breaking due to a cold.
“Does it wish to revoke Article 50?” she said, referring to the Brexit process. “Does it want to hold a second referendum? Or does it want to leave with a deal but not this deal?”
British media have reported that May could make a desperate attempt at a third vote on her deal, hoping that Brexit hardliners will fall in line.
But Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour party, said the text was “clearly dead” and urged her to back his own plan for closer economic ties with the EU. 
But Michel Barnier, the…

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