Only a third of women invited to a cervical cancer screening attend, but the rate is higher for breast screening – at 60 per cent, MEP Francis Zammit Dimech said.
The PN MEP said more investment in cancer screening and campaigns were needed to encourage people to attend screening programmes.
The government recently announced colorectal cancer screening, which was previously offered to patients aged 60 to 64, will now be offered to people aged 55 to 69.
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Welcoming the proposal, Dr Zammit Dimech, a member of the MEPs against Cancer Group, said the government should introduce population-based screening for prostate cancer.
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“We need to ensure that screening services are not only available but that their acceptance rates are also high. In this regard more awareness is necessary,” he said.
Malta sees 2,000 new cancer cases a year, while 900 people are killed by the disease annually.
He also recommended that data should be shared across multiple EU member states through cancer registers.
“This would permit professionals and policy makers to gain better…

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