The police are not yet known to have instituted criminal charges against “a particular person”, as instructed to do by the magistrate who conducted the Egrant inquiry, judging by information given in Parliament this week.

The matter was raised in a written parliamentary question Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi put to Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia.
Dr Azzopardi asked why the Police Commissioner had failed to follow the orders issued by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja to arraign and press “particular criminal charges” against “a particular person”. He noted that the Egrant inquiry was concluded on July 21, 2018.
The minister said the Police Commissioner was aware of the magistrate’s report. 
“The police are following all the conclusions, instructions and recommendations made by the inquiring magistrate in the same inquiry. I am informed that, at this stage, the police are not in a position to give more information on what they were asked to do by the magistrate so it would not prejudice its investigations,” Dr Farrugia replied in Parliament on Tuesday.
Court sources told Times of Malta that in his 1,500-page inquiry report, still unpublished, Dr Bugeja singled out “at least one…

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