The only solution to address the plights of refugees is for the EU to consolidate its migration and foreign policy, especially with Libya, the Democratic Party said on Saturday.
The EU must prioritise Libya, as it did in Somalia with success, by addressing good governance, poverty and piracy comprehensively, PD general secretary and MEP candidate Colonel Martin Cauchi Inglott said in a statement. 
His statement comes in the aftermath of another migrant tragedy – 65 are believed to have drowned between Tunisia and Malta on Friday while another 85 were rescued by the AFM in a separate incident.
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“This implies that the EU continues to fail on its migration and asylum policy for the 17th consecutive year,” Col Cauchi Inglott said.
“While member states discuss ad hoc solutions in Brussels, citizens are beginning to realise that the EU is only capable of providing short terms solutions, until the summer is over, and then it is back to square one following May.”
PD leader Godfrey Farrugia said member states should forget about their egoistic interests in Libya, and indeed Europe, and seek long-term solutions.
“The longer the EU…

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