Updated 9.50pm, adds David Casa’s reaction
Nationalist MEPs voted for tax harmonisation against Malta’s interests, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Saturday.
Addressing an activity in Gozo, Dr Muscat reiterated the claims made earlier by Labour MEP Miriam Dalli, which claims were later denied by the Nationalist MEPs.

In a post on Facebook following Dr Dalli’s press conference, Nationalist MEP David Casa said Nationalist MPs voted against this matter, which only the Labour Party agreed with. The PL, he pointed out, supported socialist candidate Frans Timmermans who had come up with this idea.

Labour, however, replied that while the PN MEPS had voted against certain amendments, they voted in favour of others, including moving from unanimous approval to approval by a qualified majority, where the vote of bigger countries was worth more than that of smaller ones.
Dr Muscat said that while frightening people that foreigners could tell Malta what to do about taxes, the Nationalist MEPs voted against Malta retaining its veto on such matters
He said that the taxation system the Nationalist MEPs  voted agains had been inherited from a Nationalist government and was in conformity…

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