The magistrates and judges controversially appointed just over two weeks ago have been assigned work despite a challenge to their appointments set to be decided in the coming weeks by a constitutional court.
The urgent constitutional lawsuit filed by NGO Repubblika, just hours before the new members of the judiciary were sworn in on April 25, requests the suspension of the appointees until final judgement, as well as referring the case to the European Court of Justice under the preliminary reference procedure.
Submissions over these interim measures were heard in two urgent hearings – and lengthy written duels on jurisprudence and legal enunciation put forth – by the First Hall in its constitutional jurisdiction.
In the last hearing last on Monday Mr Justice Mark Chetcuti said that since the request involved the judiciary an expeditious decision had to be taken. He deferred the case for judgment on the interim measures, including suspension of the latest appointees, for May 29.
Yet cases have since been assigned to some or all of the new magistrates and judges.
One of the appointees, Mr Justice Francesco Depasquale, has issued decrees on deferments, an administrative…

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