Incidents such as Saturday’s building collapse in Mellieħa would be less likely to happen if a proposed architects’ reform was enforced, according to the chamber of architects. 

Andre Pizzuto, who drafted the reform published by Kamra tal-Periti last month, said the likelihood of such events happening once the proposed framework is in place would be minimal. 
He was reacting to the news that a building next door to a construction site had collapsed early on Saturday.
Briton Maggie Smith, 77, was lucky to survive with slight injuries when the three-storey Mellieħa building came down in the early morning.
She had been asleep in the top floor apartment when the side of the building came crashing down, her bed just a couple of metres away from a three-storey drop. 
Ms Smith was treated for shock but was released from hospital later in the day. 
Next door to the collapsed building, other houses had been demolished, the ground excavated for basement level garages, and shops and overlying apartments are now under construction.
A magisterial inquiry and a police investigation have been launched to determine the cause of the collapse.
Although the facts of the case were still emerging,…

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