A maintenance worker, placed under preventive arrest after posting inflammatory comments against the police, has been granted bail pending judgment after admitting to his wrongdoing.
Josef Vincenti, a 31-year old from Żabbar, had been arraigned 12 days ago following criminal investigations sparked off by his comments on Facebook which were considered as overstepping the limits of freedom of expression.
When commenting upon an article published on social media about the use of speed guns by traffic police, the man had said that people were right to run over police officers and drive off, clearly referring to the incident of PC Simon Schembri.
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Upon his arraignment the man had pleaded not guilty to instigation to commit an offence, incitement to disobey the law and to racial hatred, as well as the use of electronic communications apparatus to make threats.
He was further charged with having breached the conditions of an earlier bail decree, besides allegedly being a recidivist.
During the first hearing of the case on Monday, the man, assisted by a new defence team made up of Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia, entered a…

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