Malta votes to elect new MEPs and local councillors on Saturday, as European Parliament elections get under way across the EU.
Voters will be choosing six new European Parliament representatives for the nation as well as local councils for 68 localities across the country.
Polling stations open at 7am and will remain open throughout the day before closing at 10pm. Vote counting will begin on Sunday morning and electronic vote counting systems should mean that an initial indication of the overall winner will be available early in the morning.
This will be the first nationwide election in which 16-year-olds will take part, following a change in legislation.
Only registered voters who have collected their voting document can cast their vote, doing so at polling stations specified on their home address and which are based on their home address.
Expected winners
Pollsters expect the Labour Party to win the EP elections in a landslide, with all projections predicting a gap well in excess of 10 percentage points between it and its rival Nationalist Party. A Sunday Times of Malta survey published last week projected a 55-40 split, with minute support for third parties.
That projection…

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