Some expats are now paying through their nose for electricity because of pre-paid meters, according to the EU Nationals Advisory Group.
Patricia Graham, who heads the group, has been informed by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services that, according to current legislation, electricity sub-metering, including pre-payment meters, is not permissible.

“We have been told that each unit should be metered and billed by Enemalta. We all know that ARMS clients are charged 10.47c for the first units, then 12.98c and 16.07c for each unit.
“We have been contacted by people who pay even 40.27c for each unit,” she told the Times of Malta following an awareness-raising meeting with human resources managers from gaming and financial services companies and real estate agents. She hopes these people, who are the first to come in touch with those settling down in Malta, can pass on information that will save them money.
What started as a small EU residents action group, the EU Nationals Advisory Group has become a non-profit, free service to landlords and tenants, Maltese and non-Maltese nationals alike, who find themselves requiring help and non-legal advice during their stay on the…

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